Currently, big data is one of the hot topics in various industries. You may also be wondering, what is big data? Before getting into the discussion, let’s look at the background first. Based on research from idc (international corporation), it is predicted that the amount of in the world will continue to grow significantly until 2025 . In fact, idc also predicts that by 2025 the amount of globally will reach 163 zettabytes . At first glance, just one zettabyte is equivalent to one billion terabytes ! Well, this phenomenon can be a good opportunity for business people. Either to improve product quality or increase business competitiveness. This can all be achieved by utilizing big . Are you curious what big data is? Let’s see more! Contents hide 1 what is big ? 2 what are the benefits of big ? 3 what are the functions of big data and examples of their application?

What are the Benefits of Big Data?

How does big data work? 5 interested in learning more about ? What is big ? Big is a collection of very large amounts of data . The number continues to increase rapidly. So, it’s no wonder that big has unlimited potential. In addition to the large number, the type of is also very varied. That’s why you have to know the characteristics first. Illustration of data types when managing big  so, so that you understand more about what big is, here are the characteristics Netherlands B2B List of big , which are often abbreviated as 3v : volume – as the name implies, big data is generally measured by volume or size. So, when someone is processing big , the first indicator to pay attention to is the volume of . Velocity – apart from size, another characteristic to consider is the speed at which data grows .

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What is Big Data?

Typically, the more sources there are, the faster the amount of increases. Variety – not all processed has the same characteristics. That is why variants also need to be considered when processing big . In other words, if the you process is large, the growth is high, and the types vary, it means you are processing big . What are the benefits of big daa? Is big useful? Of course. But, no matter how much you have, there will be no benefit if it is not processed Mobile Lead properly. A simple example like this. If you only collect student grade for a class, you will only get a series of numbers in excel. But, compare if you analyze the too. Apart from getting new information such as the best and worst student scores, you can also find out the performance of student scores from time to time.


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