Also read: what is data science? Here is the definition and use! Bar chart example instead of bothering to imagine the shape of a bar chart. In this section, we will discuss the bar chart examples in more detail. Come on cuss! 1. A vertical bar chart vertical this vertical type is the standard bar chart. As allud to in the previous section, it is also known as a column chart. Because of its popularity, all data graphing tools have built-in functions for creating them. 2. Horizontal bar chart horizontal the horizontal type of this chart is similar to the vertical version but the axes are use in reverse. This can be a good option if your data has long category names. It has a space on the left that is wide enough to allow the text to be position horizontally. Horizontal bar charts are easy to read because their graphic structure mimics the way we process information.

Choose the right type of bar chart

That is from left to right and starting from the top. 3. Stack bar chart stacking bar chart this stacking type can be adapt to vertical and horizontal types. It allows you to enter quantitative data showing the total value as well as the value of the subcomponents in each category. One thing to note, reading this diagram is quite difficult to compare between subcomponents in all categories. 4. Bar chart of percentages percentage stacking bar chart an alternative to the standard plott bars is a percentage plotted bar chart. Why? Because Singapore WhatsApp Number List the length of the rods will be the same, that is, 100%. The distribution of the contents will be determined by the percentage of data held. 5. Cluster bar chart cluster bar chart sometimes, in one category there will be several data series that you want to display. Therefore, the cluster type is the best choice.

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Pay attention to the guiding line

However, make sure that you don’t put too many data series into each category because it can blur the focus. 6. Waterfall bar chart waterfall bar chart this type of waterfall is relatively new, in fact it has not been widely used. This chart is suitable for visualizing changes, where the first bar represents the initial value, and the last bar represents the final amount. The smaller bars in between represent the gradual change from start to finish. How Mobile Lead to make a bar chart in excel there are many tools that you can use to create bar charts. Excel is one of them. Here are the steps to make a simple diagram using this software. 1. To insert a bar chart here, you open the desired excel worksheet.


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