Looking for a good antivirus that meets the needs of self-employ professionals or micro, small and medium companies that do not have the structure to maintain a dedicat IT team, for example, may be the way out to not compromise the security of systems, environments and devices. In the first half of 2022 alone, Brazil account for 31.5 billion cyberattack attempts, placing the country in second place in Latin America with the highest number of threats, behind only Mexico. The most common threats face by Brazilian companies that year were: Phishing; Ransomware; Malware; Spam. In this context, costs relat to protection, prevention and recovery from cyber attacks can grow at an overwhelming speed, but funding risk management plans is often a difficult reality to achieve for SMEs.

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However, there are software categories, such as computer security software and network security systems , that bring antivirus capabilities and protection against digital threats. Discover a list of these tools below. Antivirus: understand how it works Antiviruses are programs dedicat to monitoring the entire operating system and its files. When a risk is detect, the antivirus takes action and takes the infect file to quarantine, preventing the threat from spreading through the computer. Programs with antivirus features offer plans for home and business Mayotte B2B List use. Ideally, they meet what companies need. Therefore, it is not recommend to install domestic interfaces in corporate environments, as they run the risk of not working correctly.

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In addition to being very effective when it comes to identifying threats, they also have protection coverage for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. 1. Avast Ultimate Business Security Avast Ultimate Business Security is a good antivirus according to Capterra methodology Avast Ultimate Business Security Dashboard with Alert Information to. Avast Ultimate Business Security runs scans looking for security and performance Mobile Lead issues and tells you how to resolve them. The tool offers plans for remote teams or small businesses, with device protection against phishing threats, webcam protection and online management platform for configuration, unlimited VPN and protection system with blocking or monitoring of USB ports.


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