Make sure there’s a crisis communications plan in place and that people know about it. Everyone who touches a company’s social media process should know the plan in case they nee to act on it. Your public social networks are also an easy channel for customers to interact directly with your team. This inevitably leads to comment sections and dms being fille with feeback or queries   which. At times. May be negative. Have a plan. So teams know how to respond and when to escalate. This is especially important if you have a deicate customer service team for social. Your customer service team should be traine and prepare to manage all types of queries or responses.

Public Relations Crisis Specific

You may also nee to deal with a public relations crisis specific to your brand. Your company’s social platforms will play a role in brand messaging associate with a pr crisis. A crisis communication plan ensures you use social channels to make the situation better. Not worse. Reuce response time and your workload manage all your messages stress-free with easy routing. Save replies. 

And friendly chatbots. Try hootsuite’s business email list inbox today. Book a demo. Analytics and reporting within the social team. It’s fine to get excite by victories tie to vanity metrics like likes and comments. But stakeholders higher up in an enterprise organization nee to see real business results. Otherwise. It’s hard for them to fully buy into your social strategy and grant the necessary approvals.

Important to Communicate

That’s why it’s important to communicate the impact of your social media efforts. An analytics tool can help you track the metrics your team has already determine are most important for your business. When reporting your results. Focus on quantifiable progress toward your goals. 

It’s even better if you can frame your results Mobile Lead in real dollars and cents. Demonstrate the roi of your social efforts. Or show how social fills your sales funnel or drives purchase intent. 5. Approval process your social team should already be well-verse in the company’s social media compliance policies. But there still nees to be an approval process in place. 


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