The way data analysts manage database systems also varies. One way is to fix problems related to coding in the database. Data analyst vs data scientist so, those are more or less the five tasks of a data analyst. But, what actually distinguishes the duties of a data analyst from a data scientist ? Illustration of analyzing data on a laptop although at first glance the two sound the same, these two professions have different responsibilities. The difference lies in the focus of the work. While data analysts focus on extracting and interpreting data , data scientists are more focused on utilizing existing information to identify opportunities and trends , or even predict future business moves. Also read: programming data types that programmers must know 5+ skills required to become a data analyst here are some skills that need to be learned if you want to become a data analyst: 1. Statistical programming language why is this skill important? Because statistical programming languages ​​can help you analyze data and make predictions with large groups of data.

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Some examples of the most frequently used statistical programming languages ​​are python or r. Apart from their varied functions, the learning method is not that difficult. For starters, you can look for articles, videos, or courses that provide material on basic programming languages. Also read: learn basic programming languages ​​for beginners 2. Spreadsheets you probably already know that spreadsheet software like microsoft excel or google spreadsheet can help you collect data and process it. For example, if you are analyzing sales data. You can collect the data in excel, then process it using various formulas in excel . Therefore, you also Macedonia WhatsApp Number List have to learn about how to use spreadsheets. Because the spreadsheet is the most basic data processing tool. Also read: what is data processing? Here’s the definition and benefits! 3. Structured query language (sql) this skill can help data analysts in building data structures. Apart from that, you can also store and manage data by utilizing sql.

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But  Actually, what is sql? Simply put, sql is a programming language that is commonly used to access, modify, and retrieve data from databases. So, if you want to become a reliable data analyst, of course you have to master sql. 4. Data visualization the information you get is of course meaningless if it’s hard to understand, right? That’s why you have to learn how to describe data. This skill will be very useful when you make reports. Especially when you convey the information you get to managers or stakeholders . By studying data visualization , you can help decision makers to make the right policies based on the information you get. 5. Machine learning currently, artificial intelligence (ai) is one of the important topics in data science. So, you Mobile Lead need to study it as well in order to stay updated with current data management methodologies. Well, one branch of ai that is currently often discussed is machine learning . No wonder, because this one technology is often used for various features.


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