You might even think you don’t know what generative artificial intelligence (AI) is, but you’ve certainly heard someone commenting on a platform that gives answers to any question. The technology in question is ChatGPT, an AI-bas language model that can bring new content to life from the input of a few commands, such as a simple question that you would usually use to find information on Google. However, ChatGPT is not the only example of generative AI that has plagu the minds of people out there, there are also its image generator brothers, such as DALL-E and Dream Studio, as well as other artificial intelligence software, which promise to change – in the not-so-distant future – the work dynamics of many businesses. In this article, we discuss the presence of artificial intelligence in companies through the generative model.

Generative AI for text creation

Explaining artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a technology to replicate human intelligence through logic-ba training. With this, an AI is able to automate tasks and complete actions with little human intervention. Self-driving cars, chatbots and manufacturing robots are examples of AI usage. It is alsoimportant to highlight that, because it is a science, AI is divid into subfields , the generative model being one of them. What is generative AI? Generative artificial intelligence, or just generative AI, is consider a category of artificial intelligence. It learns from Andorra B2B List existing content to generate new realistic pieces that reflect the characteristics of your training data, but don’t repeat them. Technology can produce a variety of content, such as images, videos, music, speeches, etc.

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How does generative AI technology work?

Making technology’s ability to be creative a tipping point. Technology is expect to impact different areas, especially the design and marketing areas of companies. Some possibilities in the mention segments are: Creating custom content for campaigns text summaries programming codes Images or illustrations branding materials Another area that promises to be impact by technology is the Mobile Lead sales sector. Since it is possible to generate text and even sales pitches, it is estimated that part of the outbound messages, which are sent when the brand initiates contact with a customer, will be synthetically generated by large companies content in English.