If you choose this option, make sure you have experience editing website files. Using partner integration – facebook has many partners, from wordpress, squarespace, to shopify. This method is the easiest because it doesn’t involve any coding at all. Request instructions via email – this option is suitable if you want to ask a web developer for help installing facebook pixel. So, facebook can directly send instructions to their email. Then, which is the best option for you to choose? Of course, it depends on your needs and skills. For example, if you are still a beginner, of course the best option is to use partner integration. Therefore, we will explain how below: of the three options available, select the use an integration partner option by clicking the use a partner button. Use a partner option in facebook pixel choose the website platform you are using. Because in this example we are using a wordpress website.

Determine the Ideal Target Market & Retargeting

The option we choose is wordpress . Choose a facebook pixel partner follow the instructions given, starting from the install plugin stage to confirmation . Connect your wordpress account to facebook 3. Define the events you want to track do you want to add events that you want to track? It’s easy, you only need to access the facebook event manager, then do the following steps: on the facebook event manager dashboard, click the overview tab . Meta pixel overview tab at the bottom of the overview tab, click the add events button. Next, click open Romania WhatsApp Number List event setup tool . Then enter your website url and click open website . Currently, you can access any page of your website and set an event tracker on its button or url. Apart from that, you can also edit or delete events that you have installed.

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Pixel Collects Visitor Data

If you have finished installing the event tracker on each page, you can click the finish setup button . 4. Make sure the pixels are working properly after installing the facebook pixel on your website and also installing the event tracker on it, you have to make sure that the pixel is really working properly. So, to make sure the pixel is active, you can follow these steps: install facebook pixel helper , which is a chrome extension that you can Mobile Lead install on your browser. Facebook pixel helper extension visit your website, then check the extension icon. If the pixel is active, the icon will turn blue. In addition, there will be a number indicating the number of pixels. Active facebook pixel on the website also check whether the pixel id matches the pixel in the events manager. If you click the extension button, you will see the pixel status. If the pixel has a problem, you can check it in the events manager. 5. Do retargeting okay.


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