In addition to valuable content, you must meet Google’s EAT criteria. Below is the meaning of the acronym: Expertise Google shows who has great expertise in the subject, depending on the topic of each page. For some specific information, Google searches “virtually exclusively forums and discussions.” However, you don’t need to be an expert in every subject you write to remain at the top of Google’s search rankings. For example, humour. Recipes or life experiences can be written by anyone. These are classified as “everyday experts”. In this case, there are some specific topics in which you need formal expertise. Authority Above we talked about the importance of creating an ‘About’ page for your website. Through it, you show testimonials and your achievements and, in this way, you create an authority on the main subject of your site.

These are classified as everyday experts


In the guide, Google points out “the amount of information needed for an EAT assessment depends on the subject covered on your site”. YMYL sites must contain objective information regarding author content and consumer service. Sites that South Korea Phone Numbers List do not fit the YMYL can only provide your contact email address. reliability As we said earlier, quality content makes all the difference. This is because confusing information causes a negative user experience. Show reliable sources within your content, that way people tend to believe the information. If it’s an eCommerce site, a secure checkout process helps build trust. Conclusion A company’s website is the showcase of the business. Hence the importance of making it interesting, inviting, to ensure success in the number of visitors.

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Therefore, the importance of understanding the future of online


The better crafted, the more likely it is to generate conversions. If you are not confident in proposing a site with the qualities we have discussed above, contact us or read other related articles on our blog , but do not neglect the proposal for a site that Mobile Lead  will place your company in a position in the Google search engines. Consumer behavior is what defines internet sales strategies. In this way, as they modify the way they consume online, it changes the way digital marketing works to convert a search into a sale, for example. Therefore, the importance of understanding the future of online research. Thus, within this context, companies cannot be left out of the updates that occur. It is necessary for this to be always informed to serve an increasingly demanding consumer public that seeks quick answers to their searches.


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