Currently, data is often referred to as one of the most valuable “treasures” of the 21st century. With a note, you can put it to good use . That’s why you have to learn about data processing. The analogy is this: data is the same as cooking ingredients. If you don’t learn how to process it, of course you won’t be able to turn it into a delicious dish, right? Therefore, here we will thoroughly discuss the basics of data processing. Ready? Let’s get started! Contents hide 1 what is data processing? 2 what are the functions and benefits of data processing? 3 what are the stages in the data processing process? 4 what are the methods of data processing techniques? 5 4 commonly generated output after processing data 6 want to learn more about data science? What is data processing? Data processing is a process of converting raw data into useful information .

What are the Methods of Data Processing Techniques?

An easy example like this. Suppose you collect sales data from a sales team, and you collect the data for three months in a row. After the data is collected, you are faced with a row of sales figures for each team member for 90 days. This certainly makes you confused, right? Finally, you also process the sales data in excel. After using several formulas, you finally get a lot of new information. Examples like: total sales earned for the last three months. Performance of each team member every month. The team member who managed to record the highest Australia Business Fax List sales figures. Average sales per month. And so forth. You can use this information to determine the team’s strategic decisions going forward. Illustration of managing data on a laptop well, that’s more or less a general description of the data processing process.

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Commonly Generated Outputs After Processing Data

Then, why do you have to know the data processing process? And what are the benefits for your business? Let’s see in the next section! What are the functions and benefits of data processing? Here are some data processing functions that you need to know: sorting – you can sort data to make it more organized. So, the data that you process is stored according to the type and category of each. Validation – you can ensure that the data processed is Mobile Lead really valid and credible. Thus, the information obtained will be more accurate. Summary – you can delete data that is not relevant to the research you are doing. So that the data becomes more organized and not messy. Analysis – this is the most important function of data processing.


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