When your video is view on YouTube after a few seconds an advertisement section presenting the products of your online store will appear below the video when the phone is in vertical position. A convenient way to direct a potential customer to buy a product directly from your online store for example after a product trial video right This way the conversion time can be shorten.

Important to bring the information

It is from the product fe into the ads in a clear format so that we consumers can easily get the information we ne about the product. It has been notic as a trend that shopping b2b email list is done online and people want to pick it up from the store themselves thus avoiding delivery fees. For such products it is important that the product advertisement shows availability information when the product can be pick up. How does the product fe enhance your online stores marketing AI-bas bidding strategies

Intelligence-bas automatic

Googles artificial intelligence-bas automatic bidding Mobile Lead strategies are if us at the right stage a great way to get better profitability for advertising. Its not a good idea to give artificial intelligence a place too early but wait until the campaigns have accumulat conversions and other data for the artificial intelligence to interpret and further refine. Google has expand AI-assist bidding strategies to different campaign types. Now it is also possible to use


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