In This Context, Participants in the Capterra Survey Were Ask Which Sector They Most Associate with the Concept of Metaverse

This type of initiative allows consumers to virtually “try on” a pair of glasses on their face or visualize a product, such as a sofa, inside their home – both through augment reality . The process can be essential in reducing the return of goods (since the consumer will have the opportunity to try products purchas virtually), having a direct impact on  the reverse logistics of companies. Retail is one of the top three industries people associate with the metaverse The prediction is that the metaverse will be able to impact different sectors of society. For example, in the academic field, in classes taught in the metaverse, it will be possible to promote interactive dynamics among students . In a micro view, even the structure of companies can be influenc by the new virtual world.

Brazil and other countries in shopping

Although the first categories are predictable, such as technology (81%) and games (71%), in third place the metaverse appear associat with retail (32%), which reinforces the data share above about the engagement of respondents to make purchases in this environment . The interest of respondents from Brazil and other countries in shopping through the metaverse One of the reasons for the excitement about the metaverse and retail can Kenya B2B List be justifi because technology may be able to promote online shopping where goods can reflect, in 3D, the size and shape they would present in the real world, making it easier to purchase products from a distance.

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Online shopping can be enhanc

Other sectors associat by respondents to the metaverse are: education (25%), tourism (21%), sports (20%) and the real estate market (14%). Online shopping can be enhanc with the metaverse, according to respondents One of the main challenges in managing an e-commerce is the presentation of products. Since customers cannot touch Mobile Lead or try on the merchandise, they rely on the item’s description in addition to the visual elements to get a clearer idea of ​​what the merchandise actually looks like. Capterra survey respondents who are interest in shopping in the metaverse were ask whether they believe this virtual world has the potential to bridge the gap between e-commerce and a brick-and-mortar shopping experience, as e-commerce does not offer a 3D product experience.

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