If you want to change or modify

do not offer built-in wired or wireless modules. Memory capacity is small. The storage space is […]

Digital pin These pins can receive

Signal has a value of 1 or 0, i.e. high or low. Most Arduino devices have […]

That are not suitable or appropriate

levels of education . So what is cognitive learning theory? Therefore, cognitive learning theory is a […]

This theory prioritizes the learning

Make the learning process easier and solve future problems. You can also apply this cognitive learning […]

At the end of the tunnel Reza

Was just an ordinary information technology training program. Clearly, there’s more to Rise than that. If […]

Added to your insights tay tuned

For our next article. What is debugging? Why is it necessary? – end Also read the […]

of artificial intelligence science

There are several classes that explain debugging in more detail. Great isn’t it? Check out and […]

learning which is a branch

Artificial intelligence will learn to enrich its own knowledge independently. It studies the user experience when […]

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