There Are Even Expectations That the Metaverse Can Contribute to Reducing Waste in the World of Fashion

Brazilians are the most interest in shopping in the metaverse In the future, shopping in the metaverse could become the norm – although this should only actually happen if consumers make virtual purchases in this environment. Ask if they would be interest in buying through the metaverse, 87% of Brazilian respondents said yes. This is the highest number compar to other countries that also launch the same study. After Brazil, just over half of French respondents (51%) show interest in this type of purchase. In other countries, however, the percentage is no more than 50%; Australia (48%), Germany (48%), United Kingdom (46%) and Canada (44%). The interest of respondents from Brazil and other countries in shopping through the metaverse Of the 87% of Brazilian respondents who would buy in this modality.

The phygital experience

The main types of products that they would be interest in buying in the metaverse are: clothing (81%), electronic products (65%) and beauty and health products (52%). Regarding the main type of product to be purchas in the metaverse, the purchase of clothing in this transaction mode was unanimous among countries, since all indicat this  category in first place. The fashion market seems to be one of the pioneering areas in exploring the metaverse, since many digital initiatives already take place in this niche – the sale of clothing for avatars Lesotho B2B List and the creation of virtual fashion shows are just a few examples. In the future, more interactions between the physical and digital universe , with the customer trying on clothes online and having them deliver directly to their home, should be expect.

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The fashion market seems

This is because the success in sales of virtual clothes can serve as a decision for the item to be replicat in the real world, avoiding the production of colors or style of clothing with little sale in the market. Retail: how to prepare for a possible new consumption habit? The phygital experience –a term use to describe experiences that mix the physical Mobile Lead and virtual worlds– has gain more relevance as immersive technologies become popular. Not to be outdone, retail companies can invest in immersive stocks created using augmented reality software.

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