Data visualization or data visualization is a fast and easy way to convey the results of data analysis in layman’s language. Apart from that, data visualization will also help you quickly find out which areas need the most attention and improvement. Why is that? This is because the way the brain works in processing incoming information is unique. Often, data that has been visualized can be absorbed more quickly. Just try to prove it, you must be easier to understand reports in the form of charts or graphs than just spreadsheets, right? Now, with the many benefits that exist, this article will thoroughly dissect data visualization. Can’t wait? Let’s just discuss one by one! Contents hide 1 what is data visualization? 2 what are the uses of data visualization? 2.1 1. Facilitate data understanding 2.2 2. Increase understanding of business operations 2.3 3. Accurately capture consumer sentiment 2.4 4.

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Ease of accessing insights 2.5 5. Facilitate the delivery of insights 3 types of data visualization 3.1 1. Bar chart 3.2 2. Line charts 3.3 3. Pie chart 3.4 4. Matrix diagram 3.5 5. Scatter plot diagram 4 what is ugly, bad and wrong visualization? 4.1 ugly 4.2 bad (bad) 4.3 wrong 5 examples of use of data visualization 5.1 1. Field of science 5.2 2. The political field 5.3 3. Field of sales and marketing 5.4 4. The financial sector 5.5 5. The health sector 5.6 6. Logistics field 6 5+ data visualization tools 6.1 1. Tableau 6.2 2. Microsoft excel 6.3 3. Google charts 6.4 4. Infograms 6.5 5. Zoho analytics 6.6 6. Datawrapper 7 ready to use data visualization? What is data Thailand WhatsApp Number List visualization? Data visualization is a form of graphical presentation created to convey information from the data you have. Several types of data visualization that are popularly used are in the form of pie charts, line charts, and bar charts.

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5+ Data Visualization Tools

Even though it looks simple, there are many benefits to be gained from visualizing data. Starting from making data easier to understand, finding hidden patterns in data, to reading data more accurately. So yes, it’s no wonder if you want to go deeper into data science work, data visualization is one of the important skills to master. However, it turns out that data visualization is not exclusive to data matters. Various fields of work and other sciences also take advantage of this one. Harvard business review once classified four benefits of data Mobile Lead visualization for business. That is, to help the process of finding ideas, describing ideas, getting insight from data, and communicating data. Is it broad enough? Also read: 5+ examples of the best product marketing strategies you can imitate what are the uses of data visualization? From earlier we have discussed the use of data visualization in general.


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