Thirdly, Such Restrictions Will Make Cinemas a “Toxic” Place for a Long Time

I cannot comment on the new initiative to combat the spread of COVID-19. Or, if you carefully study the documents on the fight against the existence of cinemas, sports clubs and other private institutions, created with great difficulty in the vastness of our country. In many regions, the possibility of visiting, including cinemas, is purposefully introduce only if there is a vaccination QR code. Apparently, the calculation is that for the sake of going to a cultural place, a Russian will go and get vaccinated. I hasten to disappoint – no, it won’t! A survey on our social networks showe that 60% of viewers will not go to cinemas if they require a QR code, regardless of whether they have one or not.

Let me remind you that in 2019

220 million viewers went to the cinemas of the Russian Federation. Considering that the population of our country is about 140 million people, the average Russian goes to the cinema 1.5 times a year! That is, if you close the cinema for a month, he will not even notice it! Then what exactly is it, you ask me. Why not close the establishments for a month or two and stop the spread of the virus? Can’t the damne world-eaters owners be able to pay wages out of their own pocket? Firstly, the passage through QR codes to cinemas and fitness clubs Burkina Faso B2B List seems to be completely pointless when freely visiting grocery stores, transport and other crowdeplaces. Secondly, as opinion polls show, QR-code restrictions not only do not encourage people to get vaccinate, but, on the contrary, they make even vaccinate viewers refuse to visit.

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That is to say, on principle

Restricting people’s fredom even after all restrictions are liftd. At the end I will give some statistics. According to the UAIS, in the Voronezh and Nizhny Novgorod  regions, where restrictions have been in place since October 9, the drop in revenue over the weekend was 3.5 and 2 times, respectively, compare to the rest of Russia. Thus, cinemas, bearing all the Mobile Lead costs, have practically lost their income, which is not very big. At the same time, there is no nee to wait for any assistance provide for industries in which activities are suspende (!). And the majority of colleagues.

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