It is important to consider that, at this stage, the person is not fully interested in your product, but just getting to know it. In this process, the content needs to be attractive, relevant and of quality, in order to awaken the confidence of your persona. MoFu (Mid Funnel) In the stage that comprises the middle of the funnel, your persona is more than a visitor. So, here he already has a greater intimacy with his company and believes he can find the solution to his problem. Therefore, in this phase, the content will have to have a greater sales characteristic, therefore, it must contain answers to possible doubts and show that your business is the best way to meet that customer’s demand. The middle of the funnel is the time to work on content so that it can generate more engagement and take your persona to more advanced stages.

BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) At this stage, it is assumed that the company has already attracted the user’s attention to its social media, leading them to consume the content you offer. So, having done that, it’s time to show that your company, service or business has the solution they are looking for. Here, the level of rapprochement between your company and the persona is already higher, as you have already managed to supply them with information, have already managed to make them aware of a certain problem and have shown that you have the solution. Soon, there is a great chance of her becoming a customer and converting the sale. Considering that the customer is one step away from making the purchase, in the phase of evaluating which company best meets their desires, it is at the bottom of the funnel that it is necessary to be even more direct and show that it is the best option.


Top of Funnel Content Social media Through a strategic feed, the company will attract traffic to Instagram . A very useful social network at the beginning of the sales process, as it is through this tool that visitors will have their first contact with your brand’s content. The top content needs to make your potential customer discover that they have a problem to solve and your information will lead them to the solution, so the first content needs to be accessible, interactive, in order to generate engagement. blog posts Blog posts are great for users at all stages of the purchase journey, including the Top of Funnel. In addition, through a blog post, you have the opportunity to include a Call-to-Action for other materials already produced on similar topics, thus generating authority for your brand on the subject. The blog is an important means of improving your sales, boosting algorithms and making your brand stand out and authority in Google searches, so pay attention to quality.

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