Google forc those making new ads to choose a responsive ad format. Several title and description texts are add to this new advertising format which Google combines and tests their functionality for the target group. The old expand text ads could work so well that it was worth leaving them running alongside the responsive ads to test their performance.

Larger content updates

However in connection with such as the brands new tone-of-voice  business email list or the update of the value promise you should remember to disable these and trust that the testing of responsive ads will bring results as well as the old ads in the future. Testing different combinations is very easy in this ad format as you no longer ne to create several different ads to test different combinations.

Intelligence-bas automatic

Read about the core benefits of responsive ads. Voice search is becoming more common Youve probably tri your phones Mobile Lead voice search function out of curiosity or at least heard that your friend test it. In Finland voice searches are not yet growing as much as for example in the Unit States but the trend is on the rise as the difficult inflections of the


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