Table array (blue box): we will take the salary data from this box (cells f4:g6). So, so that the data doesn’t change, you can click the f4 button . So the number will change to “ $f$4:$g$6 ”. Col_index_num : here, we enter the number 2 . This is because the salary column is the second column in the blue box. Range_lookup: since this is a simple example of vlookup, we can just enter 0 . After that, the vlookup formula will retrieve data from the blue box automatically and match it with the information in cell c4 . Because in cell c4 the information is manager , so the data displayed is 10 million . 2. How to find accurate data with vlookup with a value of false, the vlookup formula will look for variables that actually match the variables you are looking for . It’s used in much the same way as the basic vlookup formula. The difference is, in the range_lookup section you need to enter the value false .

How to Use VLOOKUP Formulas in Excel?

As an illustration, you can see the following table: example of using false in the vlookup formula as you can see, the vlookup formula will match the variables in the right table with the variables in the left table. For example, consumer a buys package a which costs rp. 1 million, so the result that appears in the income column is rp. 1 million as well. However, since consumer c purchased plan d which was not on the price list, vlookup will not return any results (#n/a). Because, there is no accurate result for “package d”. 3. How to display data estimation with the vlookup formula with a false value, you can Singapore Business Fax List fill in accurate data. But, what if the data you process is approximate or approximate? It’s easy, you just need to use the true value . So, vlookup will find the number closest to the variable number. Still confused? Relax, you can check the following examples: example of using true in a vlookup formula since the total sales variable in the left table and the right table is not exactly the same , how do you determine the commission for each employee?

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How to Use Basic VLOOKUP Formulas in Excel

Because the formula already has a true value, the formula will automatically take the value closest to the variable. For example, in the table on the right, it is written that an employee who manages to record sales of idr 3 million per month will receive a 5% commission . So, since employee a managed to get sales of idr 3.5 million , the commission he gets is 5% . It’s different with employee e. Because he recorded sales of idr 6.5 million , he has met the requirements to get a 7% commission . Because, sales are already over rp. 5 million. Also read: the most complete list of excel formulas to support your work [latest!] ready to use the vlookup formula Mobile Lead in excel? Happy! Now you understand how to use the excel vlookup formula . With this formula, there are many things you can do. Starting from taking data from other tables, looking for accurate data, to displaying data estimates. So, it’s no wonder that this formula is one of the best formulas to support work. On the other hand, there are still many other formulas that you can learn.


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