TAs an excel user, you must be familiar with the vlookup formula. But, how do you use it? Don’t worry. Even though the vlookup formula looks complicated, it’s actually quite easy to use. By mastering this formula, your work can become lighter, especially if you need to sort large amounts of data . So, what is a vlookup formula? And how to use this formula? Let’s discuss in full! Contents hide 1 what is the vlookup formula? 2 how to use vlookup formulas in excel? 2.1 1. How to use the basic vlookup formula in excel 2.2 2. o find accurate data with vlookup 2.3 3. How to display data estimation with the vlookup formula 3 ready to use the vlookup formula in excel? 4 learn to process data more sophisticated than through excel what is the vlookup formula? Vlookup is an excel formula that functions to retrieve data from tables arranged vertically . With the vlookup formula, you can retrieve data from other tables without having to sort cells one by one.

How to Display Data Estimation with the VLOOKUP Formula

For example, let’s look at the following example: an example of applying the vlookup formula in excel you can just enter the salary column in the table on the left manually. But, by using the vlookup formula, you can retrieve data automatically from the table on the right. Very practical, right? In other words, the vlookup formula can help you save time when inputting data in excel. Are you curious about how to use it? Let’s see in the next section. How to use vlookup formulas in excel? Basically, there are many ways to use vlookup formulas in excel. But don’t worry, we will only explain a few ways that are used Austria Business Fax List quite often, namely: using the basic formula uses the false value to find accurate data uses true values ​​to display estimated data let’s discuss one by one! 1. How to use basic vlookup formulas in excel before knowing the various ways to use the vlookup formula, of course you have to know the basic formula first, right?

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 How to Find Accurate Data with VLOOKUP

Here is the basic vlookup formula: =vlookup(lookup value; table array; col_index_num; [range_lookup]) eits, so you don’t get confused, here is the meaning of each variable in the formula: lookup value – the cell you are using as a benchmark. Table array – the table from which you want to retrieve data. Col_index_num – the order of the columns in the table from which you want to retrieve data. Range_lookup – the nature of the data you want to look up (accurate or estimated). To make it easier to understand, let’s use the Mobile Lead following example: simple vlookup formula in excel in this case, we want to fill in the salary column based on the position of each employee. So, here the formula used is: =vlookup(c4;$f$4:$g$6;2,0) here is the meaning of each variable: lookup value (orange box): here, the reference cell is c4 . Because the salary column is filled based on the position column , and the top cell in the position column is c4.


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