From the research What is a permission pass campaign? Asking your contacts in the database if they are still interest in receiving information content from. You is one of the essential steps for email marketing activities within an inbound marketing strategy. Permission pass campaigns are us to obtain consent compliant with the new GDPR Regulation for. All those contacts found in the database and for which you cannot trace this consent information. Let’s start with some useful ideas about permission pass email campaigns or GDPR repermissioning campaigns. First of all we can say that an email is ne that informs users already present in your database.

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That to continue receiving emails from your company they will have to click. On a link where they can reconsent to receive communications again. Then add a banner to every email sent to existing contacts over the next few months to inform. Them that they must be authoriz again to remain web designs and development service present in your company’s database. A good idea could be to start a “VIP club” where members can access exclusive offers, discounts, events, products and services bas on your business. Promote this VIP club through your usual digital marketing channels. In addition to attracting new subscribers. This is an effective way to easily gain buyin from your existing subscribers and get quality new ones.

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Why not promote a discount code or offer that is sent via email to people. Who sign up to receive it by giving their consent again according to the new Regulations. Or promote a content, the result of which is sent via email to part of it. Another strategy is to ask existing contacts and Mobile Lead customers to consent to the new. Policy when they visit your website via a small popup window or other segment message. The entire process consists of sending an email marketing campaign to these contacts to allow. Them to demonstrate their consent to continue receiving emails from your company.

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