It time for The cleaning of your database, identifying dormant contacts and removing inactive email addresses. Later in the article, we’ll dig into how to run these types of campaigns through HubSpot and MailChimp. Step Three Make data access easy for your contacts With the entry into force of the GDPR. Your database contacts have the right to access. Modify or delete any personal data from your database at any time. Make it easy for users to find unsubscribe links. Today more than ever, hiding unsubscribe links to prevent users from opting out is a bad idea. The new privacy law allows users to modify or delete their data. At any time as well as to give or remove consent or change their registration preferences.

The problem lies with your company

Make sure that unsubscribing applies to all lists. If a user no longer wants to receive your emails, for example. Make sure this information applies to all lists they previously subscrib to. Another solution could be to send your users to a “preference page.” Where they are free to indicate the topics on which they want to receive more information. Don’t use “no reply” email seo expater bangladesh ltd sending software You should always give your contacts. The opportunity to respond to what you are sending them. In this way you could more easily collect requests from your contacts who want to exercise their rights regarding the GDPR.

With the requests of the new regulation

Step Four Make sure the thirdparty software you use complies with the GDPR. You are solely responsible for managing the data you collect. If one of the software you use to perform this operation Mobile Lead does not align with the new GDPR requirements, not with the tool you use. For this reason it is very important that since the entry into force of the GDPR you ensure that any thirdparty system you are using to collect and manage data is align from CRM to email marketing software, from marketing automation to analytics tools or ERP.

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