Very often, the salary is made up of various elements. First of all, there is the base salary, which corresponds to stable remuneration, in return for the work provided. This basic salary can be calculated on a flat-rate, time-based, piece-work basis, etc. 

Then come the salary supplements that are Gmx Email List added to it. They take the most diverse forms: bonuses, tips, mutual insurance, restaurant vouchers, various benefits, etc. Their payment is compulsory when they appear in the employment contract or in the collective agreement concerned. They can have a considerable impact on total compensation and should therefore not be overlooked.

Salary amount

The amount of the basic salary is set by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. However, it must comply with the minimum growth wage (SMIC), the applicable collective agreement and the provisions relating to overtime. On May 1, 2023, the minimum wage reached 1,747.20 euros gross per month, or 1,383.08 euros net for 35 hours per week. The minimum wage applies to all employees even if the employment contract provides for commission-based remuneration. The only exception: sales representatives whose working hours cannot be controlled. Note also the existence of specific rules for certain professional categories such as hotel, café and restaurant staff, apprentices, young workers, etc.

Compliance with the collective agreement

The Labor Code governs the employee-employer relationship. It may possibly be supplemented by agreements negotiated and ratified by trade unions and employers. The collective agreement is a regulatory text defining the employment and working conditions of employees. It is the result of negotiations between organizations representing employees and employers. It has a professional or territorial applicability. From a wage point of view, the collective agreement may provide for a guaranteed minimum wage that is more favorable than the SMIC for a given job. Subject to this agreement, the employer must respect the amount of this minimum wage.

Job Function Email Database

How to identify the applicable collective  Mobile Lead  agreement? By consulting the Légifrance website. This identification may in particular result from the economic activity carried out by the company. In this respect, the APE code assigned by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) when the company was created can be very instructive.

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