These are some of the results 1to1video has achieved with its personalized video campaigns: The average open rate of emails with personalized videos is 35-50%, 100% more than traditional advertising emails. The average attention time for emails with personalized video increases by 250% compared to conventional emails. Personalized videos have very good playback times: on average, viewing is more than 70% of the duration. 65% of users get to 90% of the video and more than 35% watch it twice. In ecommerce campaigns, personalized videos have managed to improve shopping cart recovery by 25%, reduce calls to the customer service center by 20% and improve the Net Promoter Score by 24 points.

Best practices for incorporating personalized videos into your marketing

How to use personalized videos in your video marketing campaigns What are the best channels to embed custom videos? Email . Email marketing has always been a key channel in the personalization strategy, since we are targeting individual users and we have Canada Whatsapp Number List information about them. Therefore, it is one of the best channels for large-scale personalized video marketing, for example, including personalized videos in cart recovery emails, presenting offers and discounts, launching new products, etc. Company website . The simplest way to incorporate personalized videos on your website is to include a thank you video message when a user fills out a form on your website, incorporating the data they just left you.

5 platforms to create personalized videos

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If you want to go deeper with personalization, you can use automation software to track each visitor and offer content tailored to their profile at every step of the process. In this way, you will be able to create a truly unique customer experience. Social networks . Personalized video campaigns on social networks take advantage of the information available in the Mobile Lead user’s profile to create unique content that improves interaction with users. Think about what goals you want to achieve. Personalized videos can be adapted to many different uses: promotional content, welcome messages, thank you, presentation videos, congratulations, product demos, event invitations, customer service… Therefore, the first thing is to think about your marketing objectives. major marketing targets and look for ways to reinforce them with personalized video content.

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