YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide, which makes this platform one of the best places to carry out a video marketing strategy. However, in order for users to find published content, it is necessary to know YouTube SEO , which implies doing a keyword search. Keywords must be used in channel titles. Descriptions or information so that the audience can find that content and also so that YouTube can offer it when a user does a search related to it. It is understood, then, as . SEO on YouTube is the process of optimizing the audiovisual content published on the platform to achieve positioning in the organic results of YouTube when a specific search is carried out.

Why it is important to use YouTube in your marketing strategy

The keyword research , for its part, consists of the detection of interesting. Terms for the brand and the users, since it is the way in which the content will appear as a result when. Someone performs a search on YouTube. Why it is important to use YouTube Cayman Islands Whatsapp Number List in your marketing strategy. There are several reasons why using YouTube in a marketing strategy is a very good idea. One of the most striking being the millions of active users it has. Which makes it possible to reach a large audience regardless of the type of device they use . But in addition, it is a way of creating content that can.  In fact, using YouTube to introduce audiovisual material on the web is a way of not slowing down its loading, which benefits positioning.

How to do a keyword search for YouTube

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Another advantage of using YouTube is that it is a way of approaching potential customers .  As well as interviews or material that makes the brand much closer and shows people who there is behind her. In addition, YouTube allows you to make live videos . So you can offer webinars or broadcast Mobile Lead events that may be of interest and that can generate leads.  How to do a keyword search for YouTube Knowing and determining. This means that doing this part well is essential to obtain good results. But how can you do keyword research for YouTube ?

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