The first thing that we have to be very clear about is the different phases that users go through, from when they first detect a need related to our products or services until they become our loyal customers. To categorize them, we use the five stages of the conversion funnel: Discovery : the user encounters our brand for the first time. Consideration : the user values ​​different solutions to his problem, among which is our brand. Decision : the user opts for us as the most appropriate solution. Conversion – The first purchase or close. Loyalty : the user becomes a loyal customer who buys from us repeatedly. funnel-1 Within these five stages, we can intervene with different video formats , always adapting the content to the need and the moment to convert more.

Phases of the funnel and types of video

Next we are going to see in detail which types of video are most appropriate at each moment.But first of all, we are going to distinguish three large categories depending on the duration of the video: Short videos (20 seconds to one minute). Most used Cambodia Whatsapp Number List in the brand awareness phase and on. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram and, of course, YouTube. Medium videos (between 1 and 10-15 minutes). Here we try to explain more in depth an idea or content. We can use them for branded content campaigns or to tell stories, like the famous “Will it blend?” from Blendtec. Long videos (20 to 40 minutes or even longer).

Video marketing for each phase of the funnel

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With them we seek for the person to learn more Mobile Lead about the product and help to better understand. The solutions on the market and our position among them. video-marketing-contents-for-each-phase-of-the-funne As a general rule. We can see that the longer a video is, the closer it is to the bottom of the funnel. Video marketing actions for each phase of the funnel video-marketing-contents-for-each-phase-of-the-funnel-2v 1) Discovery In the discovery phase. we are at the top of the funnel. The user does not know us yet and what we are looking for above all is to attract his attention.

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