A good creative must be able to capture the attention of the audience and arouse their interest to get them to watch the video. First impressions are very important. The decision to continue watching a video or skip it is made during the first few seconds of playback. Therefore, the framing, the rhythm, the audio and the people that appear at the beginning of the video are the decisive factors to “hook” the viewers. These tips will help you create more engaging videos on YouTube: Start your ad with people-focused or product-focused frames. It is best to include more than two frames in the first five seconds to introduce dynamism. If your video includes people, include them onscreen from the beginning of the video. It’s also a good idea to have them address the audience directly.

The 4 pillars of creativity in YouTube Advertising

Use images or other visual elements that are pleasing, surprising, or unexpected to viewers so that your ad grabs attention from the start. include Brazil Whatsapp Number List brand For your YouTube advertising to be effective. You need your brand to be captured and remembered , so include products. Logos or audio that references your brand as part of the story. These are Google’s recommendations for effectively including your brand in YouTube Ads. Include your product or brand within the first five seconds of the ad, either through visuals, audio, or both. When your brand is mentioned out loud, it’s more effective if the actors talk about it directly on screen, rather than using voice-overs.

The most effective tactics according to your goal in YouTube Ads

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Consider how you want to include your logo. as part of the plot, on a product, as an image overlay, in a text overlay, with watermarks… Use the colors associated with your brand in the ad. Impersonations or “brand mascots” are an original way to tell your Mobile Lead story and are effective in increasing awareness and consideration. Connect To be effective, your ad must not leave you indifferent. The objective is to make your brand provoke emotions in the viewers or lead them to reflect. In this aspect factors such as the style of the narration, the messages. The people and the audio influence. We seek that users stay to watch the video and that it generates a permanent impact.

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