Aistorting our relationships, knowlge, learning and communication. Brands therefore ne to rethink communication in order to be meaningful to people. Accepting this condition of digital chaos, understanding it and grasping its. Challenges is the goal for those involv in. Communication and marketing. Cappelletti does not offer easy ready-to-use recipes and miraculous solutions but guides us on a path to reinterpret the digital chaos in the light of change. Adapting communication, seizing new opportunities.

With the aim of developing

Communication strategies capable of being seo expate bd relevant and significant . Its strategic marketing model is inspir by the acronym of the word chaos itself and is made up of: Understanding, Adaptation, Opportunity and Meaning. The marketer must therefore look for a superior and unitary meaning that gives voice not to doing but to being. Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian writer and playwright, is famous for having defin a narrative device known as interior monologue which he often resort to to describe the development of the thoughts of the protagonists of his books.

In his book entitl

The Book of Mottos and Reflections he wrote: “ Even Mobile Lead chaos is arrang around a fix point, otherwise chaos wouldn’t even exist Arthur Schnitzler Austrian writer and playwright In fact, chaos is such if we take a fix point that determines the disorder around. Otherwise chaos itself would be order. Over the years I have ask myself what this fix point was to refer to in order to create an order in my life as a marketer. When I was young I thought it was resourcefulness; then when I start working I thought it was dication; after a few years I thought it was the experience; teaching at university I experienc what studying is like. And now? Now I’m still looking for it! To learn more about Nicolò Cappelletti I recommend you visit his website: nicolocappelletti.


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