Amazon has released firmware update 5.12.2 for Kindle readers – update your reader. Kindle Firmware Version: 5.12.2 Kindle Firmware Version: 5.12.2 The latest version of Kindle Firmware 5.12.2 is a small update that brings some minor security and performance improvements to Amazon e-readers. Amazon has also announced Read Now from the Store and Read Now for Kindle Unlimited/Prime Reading , both of which allow you to read books with a single click from the store page or from the list of recommendations at the end of the book (the latter option if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited). . If you don’t use the Kindle Unlimited store or subscription or the Amazon store to purchase eBooks, it’s still a good idea to install the latest reader software.

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If your reader is connected to a Wi-Fi network, there is a good chance that it . The new firmware is available for Kindle readers newer than Paperwhite 2. Also read: Firmware for Kindle, still without Polish language What’s new in Kindle Firmware 5.12.2? What’s new in Kindle Firmware 5.12.2? How do I install 5.12.2 on my Kindle? Download the update file for your Romania B2B List e-reader from the Kindle E-Reader Software Updates website and, after connecting to the computer with a USB cable, upload the file to the root directory of the reader. Then disconnect the reader from the computer and select Menu → Settings → Menu → Update Your Kindle . You can also connect the reader to a Wi-Fi network and wait for an automatic update.

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The genius of the “Houseparty” social app is that you go from a two-person video call to a virtual house party full of people in a second. “Houseparty” Social chat with them as if you were really in one place – especially if you unlock “secret” features. Be the bouncer at your own party Tap the lock icon on the bottom left to close the chat room. You can still add anyone to the conversation, but you Mobile Lead will no longer be able to enter without an invitation. Convince your friends Swipe up anywhere on the screen and you’ll see a list of your contacts. This way you can easily invite your entire pack to use the app. Chat with friends? Why not? A small thing, but it makes me happyTo enter the settings, tap on the cup icon in the top left, then on the red tools icon.