Somewhere One Person, Somewhere a Thousand

Small and medium business in the current economic situation was left out of the Russian economy. […]

Even Vice Versa Holiday Beautiful People

The growing trend in the number of held film festivals and pitching haunts your Dasha. She […]

Marvel Brand Gave Good Recommendations, on the Other Hand

I continue a series of articles about the difficult fate of our industry. I will traditionally […]

Thirdly, Such Restrictions Will Make Cinemas a “Toxic” Place for a Long Time

I cannot comment on the new initiative to combat the spread of COVID-19. Or, if you […]

That Is, the Total Amount of the Program Amounted to Approximately 10 Billion Rubles

Apparently, the authors decided to develop the opposition of their characters and this time to transfer […]

Was Another Attack of the Big Vicious and Aggressive Shark of That Capitalism

The transition between the distribution companies of some Russian releases did not go unnoticed. Your Dasha […]

Leningrad Region, the Verification of Cinema Codes Was Also Unexpectedly Cancele

At the time when I was coming up with the title for a series of articles […]

Always Be Paid – Even in the Context of a Hybrid Economic War

You have to look for a job, you never know. According to the list and schedule […]

People Began to Take Pills and Put Forward a New Version About a Panic Attack

The absence of a support plan for domestic cinemas from the Ministry of Culture raises questions […]

The Fees of the Previous Part and the Performance of the Past Ng on Similar Content

“French Messenger”, “Sky” and animation “Encanto”. If for the “Herald” this can be considered a success, […]

China as an Example, Where the Share of American Films Is Limite to 10%

While the entire eitorial staff is recovering from the unfolding situation in the film industry, Vasha […]

Why Then Do They Not Brag About the Results of Other Films That Were at The

Some streets are patroll by robots, reminding residents of the mask mode. In Beijing, when a […]

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