However, you can’t just access the dark web. Previously, you need to know a to z on the dark web. Then, also do the preparations such as installing a vpn, using the tor browser, using tails, and applying various tips to keep your identity safe. 7. Mastering cryptography cryptography is a way to secure information with a set of codes or ciphers. This method is actually often use on any online platform. Especially for storing and sending sensitive information belonging to users. This means that all data stor by people on the internet is deliberately chang in form to an arrangement of code so that it is not easily read by any party (encrypted). Only with a certain password or key, the data can be read in its proper form (decrypted). Well, as a cryptographer your main task is actually two. First, find the safest way so that data can be encrypted safely. Second, look for ways to decrypt sensitive information that threatens public security. 8. Keep updating with hacking issues after understanding the basics of how to become a novice hacker, all you need to do next is stay updatE with the latest information and issues. Try to learn more about hacking concepts, such as vulnerability assessment , finding out how many security holes a platform has through penetration testing, exploring sql injection, etc. Apart from the matter of concepts, keep up with the info, especially when there is a new update on the operating system.

Mastering Cryptography

Likewise with the latest tools and 9. Explore vulnerabilities on the platform once you get enough concepts, continue learning with practice. One way is to look for security holes in a platform. Because, just one gap can paralyze the platform instantly. To make it easier for you, try to find security holes by scanning the system and network. Also try to find how to take advantage of these security holes. 10. Increase flying hours after trying to explore security holes in one network, don’t be complacent. You still need to increase flying hours. You can explore various online platforms, you can also try hacking in various environments and scenarios. Do lots of experiments with lots of variables. Starting from tools, types of attacks, and many others. 11. Join discussions and communities the fastest way to learn to be a self-taught Hungary B2B List hacker is to participate in more discussions and communities. In this way, you can more quickly get information about hacking. It is also possible, you are offer to be a teammate or even involv in a particular project. No need to bother looking for communities on the dark web. Just explore accessible communities like on facebook, discord, telegram, and other online platforms.

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Start Explore Deep and Dark Web

Are you ready to learn how to become a hacker? How are you, bro? More interested in learning how to be a hacker, right? Besides looking cool like in the movies, learning hackers have a lot of job opportunities, friend! So, clearly this is an investment in knowledge that is not in vain. Guaranteed cuan-cuan~ so, if you are still confused about learning to be a self-taught hacker, i suggest you study together in the cyber ​​security for beginners class at bitlabs academy. In this class, you will learn the main hacking basics. For example, the basic concepts of cyber security, the use of linux os, cryptographic techniques, until starting a career in the world of digital security. Mimin bitlabs believes that through this class, it will be easier for Mobile Lead you to explore the world of hacking. Especially with the self-paced learning system , aka you are free to decide for yourself how fast you want to learn. How? More interested? Cuss, just look at the class grid by clicking the banner below.


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