SEO Techniques to Get to the top of google automation practices. For google ads google all About the Latest Search Engine Update . What is keyword mapping It is a technique that uses search engine optimization  to generate groups of relate keywords. That is, they are combinations that serve to optimize the content of the database instead of a single word. In this way these word clusters are  by Google based on specific . So each locator  needs to be optimize and relevant for the target keywords to rank. The target keyword group is usually the main keyword that clearly describes the topic of the page, as well as a number of keyword v keywords. Why keyword mapping is important The importance of keyword mapping has to do with the fact that Google is getting better and better at understanding what is being searched on search engines.

Currently there is a culture of carrying out research

Currently there is a culture of carrying out research on the Internet before deciding to buy a product or service. Thus, with this behavior of those looking for technical information or about the experience of other customers, search engines soon became the main Malaysia Phone Number List point of contact between them and the market in the digital world. How to do keyword mapping First you nee to define the themes of your campaign period. That is, what are you going to work on in your content calendar. Therefore, this means defining what content you will work on each platform, such as social networks, blogs, and so on. Thus, once the themes are define you start mapping the keywords that have a semantic relationship with that subject. A job that can be done with the tools already  in this article. For you to be successful in mapping  you need to consider the relevance of the keyword level of difficulty to rank competition for that word and the possibility of innovating the content for that keyword.

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Tools to define your keywords is a useful

Mapping of subtopics and supporting words The subtopic keyword address is a specific question about your main page topic. So that address includes a link back to your most important page to drive traffic to your website. That way, when you attach a blog post, landing page, or website page to a subtopic keyword, the SEO tool will track how many inbound links you referred to your main  Mobile Lead  page. Tools to define  both for your own organization and for your work to enhance your customers’ digital presence. Thus, among the most important tools, it manages the digital presence and content marketing of companies. In this way, through the data that is offered on the platform, customers can find opportunities for growth, and tracking solutions allow users to carry out constant tests and measure the results in a safe way.


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