Still during the research at the end of  task panel with another orientation to “continue browsing”. This was analyze by Glenn as a strong indication  what was  to create a shopping journey for the user, as at the end there was an option to . Collections in the Google app Glenn believes Google is expanding collections functionality to help users on their search journey. Google Chrome Google began testing in-browser in . Google Chrome last year. Assisting the user in their research on a particular topic. In this process, when you visit the history in Chrome, you can find a new tab for which will list the websites and articles that you have  base on your research on a certain topic.

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Although  in functionality, it is useful for picking up where you left off. Points that indicate the  for their Brazil Mobile Number List daily activities. Google’s own research reveals that the number of searches on mobile devices has that on desktops. However, on mobile devices, you don’t just open search engines in mobile browsers to find information. There is a simpler way that provides a better user experience and that is Mobile apps. Changing the role of links in search Today, backlinks are an important factor in boosting your position in organic search but not long ago, search engines were dupe by “black hat link building techniques.


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These displays were responsible for displaying sparse and irrelevant content at the top of the results. At the time of the “Panda” and “Penguin” algorithm, Google’s robots are more sophisticate. It is estimate that within 5 years, building links by Mobile Lead  manipulation will be extinct even in short-term operation, as it still works. User experience is gold In order for you to have a sustainable business in the long term, you need to rely on customer feedback. Therefore it future of SEO. That’s because you can’t expect the customer to return to your site after he has had a negative experience. Another thing, if your website does not offer a good experience for mobile devices for example it takes a long time to load, is difficult to navigate or has a bad appearance it is possible that your positioning will fall by the wayside.


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