The thinking is that, on a daily basis, factors that affect the form of traffic arise, such as competitor actions, article updates, consumer trends. Therefore, gathering an extensive sample field can harm the analysis. Identify problems on your site To have a quality website, it is necessary to consider a series of factors such as loading speed.  Responsibility for mobile devices clean code and a good browsing experience.  On your site een  incorrectly. In a way, if the search engine identifies quality as a problem.  Your brand will take longer to solve the problem of the drop. This is because the quality issue must be considered at the beginning of the production of your content. Study the principles of the EAT is the acronym for expertise. Authoritativeness and trust  which in Portuguese means expertise authority and reliability.

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This is a principle that goes beyond an algorithm that lists searches, it also evaluates the quality of a web page. The EAT algorithm in general is relate to the depth of the contents. However, even though it is an important factor, authority ends up weighing in the balance. Experts Japan Phone Number List suggest that professionals who work with websites analyze the external links use that direct the user to destinations with digital security and collaborate with serious partners in the market to guarantee mentions to your website.  Now that you know better and understand the importance of knowing the change in the search algorithm, it’s time to go deeper. To do so, enter our website . Access our content and ask questions about more subjects related to the algorithm. Google Ads and digital marketing content.

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Google ranks them base on specific

You already know that the right keywords can show your ad to ideal customers, right? However, you need to understand that these words need to be well chosen, after all, Google ranks them based on specific URLs and this URL needs to be optimize and relevant so that the keywords are in searches. This is why it is so important to understand keyword mapping. Keyword  Mobile Lead  mapping is essential for the success of a Digital Marketing strategy, because they mean much more than a simple way to find a website on the internet, they currently represent a way for the market to think. to Understand about .This mapping  in addition to being careful in choosing these words you need to understand how this strategy works to have the desired effect.  If you want to know how to map these words this post was made for you.


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