Hundreds of torrent citizens participated in torrent digital day. The first edition of the city’s digital day, where you can experience the technological revolution that is transforming torrent into a smart city for everyone. In Discover torrent digital  the heart of torrent, on avinguda del vedat in front of the metro building, a new digital era manifested itself with the long-awaited torrent digital day . A pioneering event organized by the torrent city council with our support and collaboration. Which marked a significant milestone in the history of the city. Being the first day dedicated entirely to showing and publicizing the technological and digital revolution.

That is already transforming the city

Ay in which the citizens of torrent interact with their city , through the creation of numerous applications and digital tools that facilitate the citizen’s daily life. From morning until noon, torrent immersed itself in a day full of innovation, citizen participation and Mexico WhatsApp Number List technological discoveries. Under the slogan “a smart city for you” , the torrent digital day was established as the epicenter of a transformation that seeks to create a smart city for citizens. What happened in the days before torrent digital day? Before the city completely immersed itself in the torrent digital day, to publicize all the technological revolution that was happening in the city and also know the opinion of the citizen about all those applications and digital tools that the torrent city council had designed, we deploy a series of strategic actions to awaken the curiosity and active participation of citizens.

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Each of these actions helped

Prepare the ground for the pioneering journey that was at the center of them all. In the first of all actions, we installed a strategic tent on avinguda al vedat. Right in front of the metro building. On a weekday to go where the citizen was. In it we sought to create a Spain WhatsApp Number List meeting moment. Where we could find out what digital applications and tools. Created by the torrent city council. Were used in their daily lives. And to do so we did a brief survey motivated by an interactive digital game that they could play. Compete to win a series of exclusive merchandising items. With it, we managed to generate an atmosphere of curiosity among citizens and invite them to the torrent digital day.


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