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 do not offer built-in wired or wireless modules. Memory capacity is small. The storage space is truncated because it is used for the bootloader. Clock speed is lower. So what is Arduino? That’s it for our discussion of Arduino. Arduino itself is an open source device commonly used in designing and manufacturing electronic devices. Furthermore, the software is easy to use and facilitates the user’s work. It has many uses, one of which Decoded: 7 years of mastering digital talent In almost every employee interview opportunity, I am asked “What was the main reason for building Dicoding?” Wanting to help develop digital talent in Indonesia was the main reason why dicoding was born in early 2015. My eight (8) year career at Nokia and Microsoft has shown me that Indonesia needs a larger scale .

Approach to increasing the number

 Of digital talents. The World Bank also released a report stating that Indonesia will need 9 million digital talents from 2015 to 2030 to leverage the momentum of digitalization to achieve significant economic growth. Today, January 5, 2022, Dicoding officially turns 7 years old. As a bootstrapped company, we have more than half a million developers accompanying us, in other ws number list words, the company operates without investor funding. Even so, we are trusted by various major companies such as Google, AWS, Microsoft and IBM to develop courses and learning paths or Learning Paths (LP). We launched 2 new LPs in 2021, one of which (Backend Development LP) reached 100,000 participants in just one year. Other LPs take an average of 2-3 years to reach that number.

This achievement further motivates

Us to release 3 new records in 2022. Awaiting details from this page. To this day, we are trusted by many government agencies such as Baparekraf, Kominfo, and the Ministry of Education and Culture, and support various digital talent development projects on a large scale, such as Baparekraf Digital Talent, DTS, and SIB Independent Campus. Some programs Mobile Lead we run, such as Bangkit, can serve as benchmarks for other similar programs currently running. As a result, many of our graduates are currently working in reputable companies. Most people work in tech companies and tech startups and unicorns. Another thing to be proud of in 2021 is that Indonesia is currently ranked as the number one country in the world for Android Assistant Developer (AAD) certification growth (Bangkit data, October 2021). 

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