Its main focus is monitoring tv, radio, online news, podcasts, and licensed content. Unique, huh? This is what distinguishes it from other tools that generally focus on social media. Critical mention will help you understand the context of existing media coverage with sentiment analysis. This analysis applies to both print and online news content. In fact, you can pull up metrics like vote share, sentiment, or publicity value. 3. Hootsuite hootsuite among social media activists, the name hootsuite has been heard too often. It is one of the most popular social media management platforms. Indeed, the main focus is managing the brand’s social activities. However, he can also do audience analysis. In fact, hootsuite insights is able to analyze social media platforms to reveal overall sentiment about the brand you have as well as the trends around it. You can filter information based on demographics, location, and language used. 4. Lexalytics lexalytics lexalytics is a sentiment analysis tool with the most complete features.

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He can explore the comments, reviews, surveys, and other text documents. Whatever you are looking for, he is there! The system will identify with standard categories, themes, and the possible motives behind it. In other words, lexalytics ensures that it is able to detect sentiments as precisely and in detail as possible. The multifactor approach also allows users to understand the context. This is important if a business is to conduct an in-depth evaluation of its successes and failures. Read also: 19+ powerful marketing tools in the digital age 5. Monkeylearn Philippines WhatsApp Number List monkeylearn monkeylearn uses special machine learning algorithms to derive topics, sentiments, intents, keywords, and more. It offers a model that you can use to analyze existing text. This model can be used to categorize text or extract chunks of information. Well, sentiment analysis is included in one of the models.

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There is a general sentiment analysis model that classifies english texts. Monkeylearn has also developed a specific sentiment module. For example, the tweet sentiment module would classify english-language tweets into their positive, neutral or negative sentiment categories. With modules like this, you can use them right away without having to build them from scratch. 7. Talkwater talkwalker talkwalker is a very complete social media eavesdropper tool. Like brandwatch, it has an unlimited hearing range. In fact, not only on social networks, you can also access sentiments on news sites, review sites, blogs, forums, and so on. Fact, this software claims that they are one of the best sentiment analysis owners for detecting sarcasm. In the report, you can later check customer satisfaction trends, to see which product features you like Mobile Lead and don’t like. If you want to get more comprehensive results, use the results filter feature based on the type of service provided. Complete! Ready to learn sentiment analysis further?


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