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In other words, the salary of a data analyst at the entry level will definitely be different from that of a data analyst at a senior level. With the estimat salary above, what are the duties of a data analyst? Let’s see in the next section. What are the duties of a data analyst? In general, the following are some of the tasks handl by a data analyst: 1. Collect data first of all the data analyst needs to collect data first. Either from primary sources (such as consumers) or secondary sources (such as observations). The collect data can then be store in data processing applications, such as excel. This step is very important, because you have to ensure that the data you are extracting really fits the research need. Also, make sure the data source is also valid. 2. Interpret the data of course the data you collect will not be left alone, right? Therefore, the data must be interpret with analytical tools.

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Thus, certain patterns can be identifi. Well, the patterns that data analysts find can become the basis of information for businesses. Here’s a simple example, suppose you are processing sales data from january to march. Base on the results of data analysis, you can interpret that the highest level of sales in the first three months is at the end of february and the beginning of march. 3. Make a report after getting the desire information, the data analyst need to ensure that this information can be understood by all important parties in the business. That’s why data analysts need to make findings reports that can be understood easily. Both at the Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List manager level, up to the entry level in charge of executing business activities. Some examples of applications that are often used by data analysts to visualize data are tableau and power bi. 4. Collaborate with other divisions data analysts don’t only deal with management, you know.

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They also need to collaborate with various divisions to dig up more accurate data. For example, suppose a data analyst wants to dig up data regarding the influence of marketing campaigns on sales results. Of course they have to collaborate with the marketing division. Or, the most frequently found example is the collaboration of data analysts with managers or business owners during the decision-making process. By collaborating, data analysts are not only able to dig up accurate data, but also assist businesses in making data-driven (*data-driven*) decisions. 5. Manage the database system all data obtain will be store in the database, and Mobile Lead the data analyst is responsible for maintaining the system so that no damage occurs. This role cannot be ignore, because all important data in business can be lost without a trace if the database is not properly maintain. Especially if the business relies on an online platform.

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