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Nowadays, which business doesn’t need data? Starting from the health business to the culinary business, all of them need information so they can continue to survive in their respective industries. That’s why many businesses need data analysts . The reason is simple, because this profession can help businesses make accurate, data-based and accountable decisions. With such promising prospects, it’s no wonder this profession is an attractive career path. Therefore, we will review what a data analyst is, their duties, and the skills they have. Without further ado, let’s take a look! Contents hide 1 what is a data analyst? 2 data analyst salary in indonesia 3 what are the duties of a data analyst? 3.1 1. Collect data 3.2 2. Interpreting data 3.3 3. Make a report 3.4 4. Collaborate with other divisions 3.5 5. Managing the database system 4 data analyst vs data scientist 5 5+ skills required to become a data analyst 5.1 1. Statistical programming language 5.2 2. Spreadsheets 5.3 3.

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Structured query language (sql) 5.4 4. Data visualization 5.5 5. Machine learning 5.6 6. Business knowledge 6 ways to become a data analyst: where to start? 6.1 1. Master basic insights first 6.2 2. Start trying to work on the project 6.3 3. Build a portfolio 6.4 4. Find basic level data analyst jobs 6.5 5. Develop your skills to advance your career 7 ready to become a data analyst? What is data analyst? In short, data analyst is a profession whose job is to interpret data into useful information . So, its function can be likened to a gps in a vehicle. As you Lithuania WhatsApp Number List know, gps functions to display the position of the vehicle and direct it to its destination accurately. Illustration of gps in car likewise with data analysts. They must dig up data that is relevant to current business conditions, then process the data into important information.

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Thus, management knows whether the business is able to achieve its goals or not. But it should be noted that this profession is not fortune telling . They can not predict the fate of the business in the future. Even so, they can determine whether the business is on the right track or not based on the data obtained. So, does that mean it’s an important role? What we can be certain of is! So, how much is the salary? Data analyst salary in indonesia based on indeed’s research , the average data analyst salary in indonesia is around idr 4.2 million : average data Mobile Lead analyst salary in indonesia but this number is certainly not a fixed number. The amount can vary by region and company. For example, the average salary for this profession in depok and tangerang can reach rp. 5 million to rp. 7 million . In addition, the nominal salary earned will certainly be influenced by experience as well.

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