This is again due to support for natural language processing. So, nlp analyzes the entire content of the message, from the title to the content. After that, then each message is given a tag according to its contents. For example, if it detects a message from facebook or instagram, it will most likely be add to the social box . Alternatively, if the message is from an unknown email address and contains suspicious words and links in its content, it will most likely be tagG with spam. 3. Machine translation google translate illustration if you use google translate around 2010, you might be disappoint because the translation results are very unstructurE. It’s different with google translate at this time. Even though the translation isn’t perfect, at least the output is much better. With the continue development of artificial intelligence such as nlp, machines no longer just translate word for word. But, also look at the meaning of the word in the sentence. 4. Chatbot chatbot is a technology that relies heavily on nlp.

Understand the Market Better

This is reasonable, considering that chatbots must be able to understand human speech in order to give the right answer. For example, if a website visitor asks “how do you track purchases?”, of course, the chatbot must be able to explain the steps accurately. This is proof that nlp has a positive influence on the development of customer support . Because, buyers can find out what they want accurately and without having to wait long. 5. Voice assistant when you see the word voice assistant, maybe you are a little surprised, doesn’t nlp only deal with writing, right? In fact, nlp has a lot to do with this feature. Because, when the voice recognition Venezuela WhatsApp Number List device is recording voice, later the voice will be converte into words. Then, the newly acquire words are identified by nlp. For example, suppose you turn on your smartphone and say “ok google, what time is it?”. Your voice recording will be detected as text, then once your device understands its meaning, you will get the answer to your question.

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Examining Lots of Data at Once

Illustration of checking the application on a smartphone do you understand natural language processing? Okay, now you understand what natural language processing is. Starting from its benefits, how it works, to examples of its use in everyday life. In essence, natural language processing is a technology that can help machines to understand human language. So simple, right? Because nlp is closely related to artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning , this technology is also quite popular among data scientists . So, if you want Mobile Lead to know various information and technological developments in the world of data, you can join the bitlabs academy data science community! There, you can get a lot of new insights related to data science . Not only that, you can also share with all members who are members of this community.


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