Thinking about the horror that animals kill for consumption must endure every day in the hands of the industry. October 2 is World Farm Animal Day, a date to honor and remember the suffering of the billions of animals that are raise and kill for food. Thinking about the On World FarmĀ  horror that all of them must endure every day at the hands of the industry, let us reflect on the reality they live in and what we can do to help them. It is celebrate on this date to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. Who was a vegetarian out of respect and compassion for animals.

Why is it celebrat

Every year are kill in the hands of the livestock industry, an amount equivalent to the human population of 240 planets on Earth. From their first day until their last breath they only know abuse and are subject Turkey WhatsApp Number List to the most atrocious and cruel practices. The fact that their suffering (despite the immense number of animals they are) is taken into less consideration than that of other animals has made it necessary to set a day especially for them. AND IN MEXICO?: In our country. 1,748 million terrestrial farm animals are raise and kill in addition to 1 million and 3 million million fish each year.

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Fish and chickens

All animals intend for consumption suffer immensely. But those that are kill in greater numbers and suffer tremendously are fish and chickens. Every year, both in the sea and in fish farms. The figure is 1,613,000,000,000 (one million six hundr and thirteen billion) fish Taiwan WhatsApp Number List and 66 billion chickens. As we have demonstrate in our investigations. Current legislation is insufficient and the worst thing is that it is not enforce. Animals in our country are unprotect and at the mercy of an industry. That illustrates its products with images of green meadows with happy cows, chickens, sheep and pigs.


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