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This is a graph that will help you understand the data changes that have occurre over a certain period of time. It can also be use for a variety of jobs. For example, a business owner wants to see profit data that has increas in half a year, a content creator wants to see an increase in the traffic of their content viewers in the last 12 months, the government wants to see the progress of tax, health or infrastructure data in the last five years, and so on. By using this visualization, we will get a better reading of the data. We can use this for evaluation material—learning from what happen and making it easier to plan future targets. 2. To identify trends line charts can also help you observe trends and identify performance-relate issues (from good to bad). For example, if you are a social media admin.

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You can view trending data on search engines to help with content planning. Usually, the data will be present in the form of a line chart. That way, you can see the fluctuations clearly, it can even be a provision for making predictions on what topics have the potential to rise next. Google trends line chart as another example, you test instagram posts at specific hours for five days. On the last day, you can process the data by comparing each posting hour and engagements obtain. From there finally came insights about the best time to upload Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List content. 3. To compare some data at once one of the advantages of line charts is their flexibility to display multiple lines of data at once without seeming too crowd. For example, say you want to see how your business is performing quarterly and make comparisons.

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That is, there will be four sets of data series to be comparE (quarters 1-4). You can stack all four of them into one chart and then put “month 1”, “month 2”, and “month 3” on the x-axis. Quarter line chart example of a double line chart as a side note, although this chart allows you to display multiple lines of data at once, it should only be use for cognate data. That is, the data is connect to each other so that it will not cause an anomaly in the visualization. An example is what you have read in the illustration above which both talk about quarterly performance. Also read: what is a dataset? The following definition, examples, and types! How Mobile Lead to read line charts you don’t need any special skills to be able to read line charts. Just follow the following points, you will definitely not get lost. Example of reading a line chart an example of how to read a line chart first, look at the title, legend (if applicable), and the two axes that exist.

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