Years ago, robots stopped being part of futuristic theories. Nowadays, robots are part of our daily lives, not in the same way present in the lives of all people. They intervene in the fields of health, industry, but also in the home. What is a robot? There are many types of robots, very different from each other, depending on their purpose, shape or design, so establishing a definition is not an easy task. Some move on their, in multiple cases, legs. Others intervene in surgeries, providing help to surgeons and others limit themselves to cleaning.

There are small ones

The size of a coin, and there are some as big as cars. There are robots that make you dinner and there are also those that travel to mars. Robot on marsĀ Mexico WhatsApp Number Data leaving aside its characteristics and particularities, and to obtain a general overview, we will say that a robot is an autonomous machine capable of understanding its environment and executing specific tasks around it with little human participation and even completely autonomously with precision and thoroughness.

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The difference between

A robot and a machine is that the former has a certain autonomy, that is, the operator simply has to program it and give it the order. On the other hand, a machine is limited to performing repetitive tasks and must beĀ Switzerland WhatsApp Number List constantly supervised. There is no doubt about the advantages of robots in the healthcare field, which are reflected in therapeutic robotic exoskeletons and replicated body parts such as robotic prosthetic arms and legs. Also in their domestic use, in the form of kitchen and cleaning robots. They seem to be very beneficial options for their users.


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