That’s why an executive summary is need, so that important information in your document can be found quickly and easily by readers. Apart from providing convenience for the reader, an executive summary can also provide benefits for you, you know, as the writer. Because, here you can explain why investors deserve to invest in your business, or why your project is important to run in the business where you work. Illustration of deliberating on the importance of the executive summary let’s say you want to work on a new project at your workplace. Because you believe that the project can bring a lot of profit. Of course you have to convince the manager that the project is really profitable, right? So you can convince them by making an interesting executive summary. Also read: big data: here’s the definition, examples, and how it works! How to make an executive summary?

4. Use Positive Language

How to make an executive summary can vary, depending on the purpose of the document . So, in this section we will explain how to create the two most popular types, namely the executive summary for a business plan and for a project plan . The form of executive summary also varies. Some make it in the form of a text document, and some make it in the form of a slide. To make it easier to understand, here we will only explain a summary in the form of a text document. Let’s get start! How to make an executive summary for a business plan first of all, you have to know the purpose of the document first. Business plans are usually made for the benefit of stakeholders , for example, such as attracting investors or looking for business partners. Illustration of designing a business plan for that, you should try as much as possible so that the Latvia WhatsApp Number List executive summary that you make is able to make readers more interest in your business.

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5. Make it a habit to Double-check

This paragraph can be a hook that can make the reader interest in reading further. So, use words that are positive, optimistic, but still realistic. For example, if you have a business in the woodworking sector, you can briefly explain that your business offers unique products, empowers wood craftsmen in an area, and also experiences growth from year to year. 2. Describe your business next, you can explain details about your business. Starting from the products and services you offer, the business model, to the location. The purpose of this section is quite simple. It is hope that readers will understand what your business is doing and how your business can benefit. 3. Describe the business model you use loh, didn’t you mention the business model in the business description section? That’s true, but in this section you can explain it in more Mobile Lead detail. Because, it could be that the reader doesn’t understand the business model you mention. Apart from that, you can also explain how your business can compete with competitors and how you position your business in the eyes of consumers.


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