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For example, you can explain how market expansion can give a positive image to a brand. In addition, this project can also increase the source of business income in the future. 4. Draw a conclusion so, in the closing section, you can conclude why the project you are proposing is worth running. In a way, this section is like a summary whose function is to ensure that the reader really understands the points you want to convey in the executive summary. Also read: what is data processing? Here’s the definition and benefits! 5 tips for making an attractive executive summary okay. Now you know how to make an executive summary. Both for business plans and project plans. Illustrations record tips for making an attractive executive summary but, the question is. How do you make the executive summary that you make more interesting? Here are some tips you can try: 1. No need to give too detail explanations as the name implies.

How to Make an Executive Summary for a Project Plan

The executive summary is just a summary . So, you don’t need to explain the points in too much detail. If you want to know whether the contents are too detail or not, try to read the executive summary from a layman’s point of view. If you feel that the content is too “complicat”, it means that the writing still need to be made simpler. For example, when describing your business, you might explain the history of the business, the philosophy behind the brand, and other things that are not too urgent to discuss. In fact, you only need to explain things Malta WhatsApp Number List that are really need, such as the business model and the products you offer. 2. Avoid using technical terms when describing a business or project, it’s natural to be tempt to use technical terms. The problem is that readers can get confusE if they come across too many technical terms.

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 Describe your future business plan

That’s why you have to make sure that the writing can be understood by ordinary people for example, instead of writing “our business has generatE hundred of thousands of traffic in the last four quarters”, use easier language such as “our business has generat hundreds of thousands of visitors in a year”. 3. Ensure readers are easy to skimm because executive summaries are generally read briefly, you have to help readers capture a lot of information in a short amount of time. Therefore, you have to make sure that the writing is easy for readers to skim . In other words, just by reading it at a glance, readers can know the message you Mobile Lead want to convey. To do this, you can use subheadings, bullet points, or numbering. So, readers can easily find the information they need. 4. Use positive language if you don’t use language that tends to be positive, of course the executive summary that you make won’t look convincing.

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