Valencia hosts another edition of the climathon vlc with more than 30 creative minds gathered to seek innovative solutions to the climate challenges that the capital of turia is experiencing. Last saturday and We celebrate another sunday, november 11 and 12 , we celebrated another edition of the vlc climathon in the plaza del ayuntamiento, within the vlc tech xperience . A true “marathon of ideas” organized by the valencia city council through valència activa , with the support of vlc tech city and vit emprende.

A unique event that merged innovation

Technology and environmental awareness and in which more than 30 participants gathered with the aim of generating sustainable solutions to an environmental challenge of the city. A challenge on which, for 24 uninterrupted hours, the participants worked through an Singapore WhatsApp Number List open innovation process, to solve one of the climate challenges that most affects the city of valencia: the “heat island” effect in the plaza del town hall mainly in the summer season . Development and execution of the climathon vlc the event started at 1 p.M. On saturday in the plaza del ayuntamiento, accrediting the participants and giving them a “welcome kit.

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With essential tools to face the day

The town hall plaza was filled with energy when participants headed to the main stage for the “welcome climathon vlc” , an opening event moderated by marta renedo and andrés fernández, who started the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List marathon of ideas and highlighted the importance of this open innovation challenge lucía calabria , deputy director of entrepreneurship at valència activa, expressed her gratitude and highlighted the importance of these initiatives to accelerate the transformation and highlighted valencia activa’s commitment to initiatives that promote sustainability and talent.


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