More than 40 creative minds work 24 hours non-stop for a more sustainable future at the sustainability hackathon more than ninety people met at the sustainability hackathon to face the challenges that What happened at  companies are experiencing in terms of the future and sustainability. An open innovation event in alcobendas, where in just 24 hours, eight teams had to respond to the sustainability challenges posed by leading national and international organizations. The sustainability innova&action hackathon was held this weekend at the digiespace space, alcobendas.

A marathon of ideas organized by

Innova&action that has managed to bring together the best talent to solve the challenges of the future in terms of sustainability . On this occasion, nearly forty restless minds participated, willing to contribute creative and Taiwan WhatsApp Number List disruptive ideas to solve the challenges proposed by alcobendas hub , capital energy , sgs and saint-gobain weber . Without a doubt, a milestone in open innovation that would not have been possible without the strong commitment and responsibility of the four challenging organizations of this edition, which are committe to and trust in the value of innovation as a transformative agent.

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A transformation that arises

When we “leave our comfort zone” and look at the future with different eyes. “I think that in this world we need crazier people who dare to spend 24 hours with people they don’t know, to look for solutions to future Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List challenges. “I think it is a differentiating event in spain because I think it has tremendous potential and that it helps companies a lot.” daniel lois cerezo, director of csr and sustainability at sodexo iberia and professor of sustainability at ucm.


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