How? Interested in Using Indonesian Domain for Your Website?

There are many ways to show a sense of nationalism. Singing the national anthem every morning, supporting national team athletes, making the nation proud on the international stage, and many others. Well, one of the easiest ways that not many people are familiar with is using an indonesian domain. Hmm… what is the indonesian domain? Why is it said to show a sense of nationalism? Curious, right? Come on, just read this article. Contents hide 1 what is indonesian domain? 2 5+ reasons why you need to have an indonesian domain 2.1 1. More trusted 2.2 2. Faster 2.3 3. More unique 2.4 4. Safer 2.5 5. Faster ranking on google 2.6 6. More nationalist 3 how? Interested in using indonesian domain for your website? What is indonesian domain? For those of you who are not familiar with the term domain, a domain is an address that leads to a website . The existence of this domain makes it easier for you to access the website. Because.

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Without a domain you need to type in a long ip address. For example, Well, this domain actually has various types. Generic top-level domain (gtld) ⎼ the most commonly used domain type. For example,, .org, .edu, .net, and so on. Country code top-level domain (cctld) ⎼ a type of domain that represents a particular country or territory. For example .uk for england, .fr for france, and .id for indonesia. Ntlds ⎼ a new type of domain usually associated with a particular brand. For example, .app, .xyz, .voyage, and so on. From the explanation of the types of domains above, it is clear that indonesian domains include cctlds in the Namibia WhatsApp Number List form of .id. It is also clear that the .id domain is widely used for websites based in indonesia. For example, the and domains are used for educational institution websites, for government institutions, and for village websites .

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More Unique

Apart from that, there is also a variant of the .id domain which is more flexible for use by people in general. Like,,,, and so on. Then, why do people need to use a special indonesian domain? Check out the answer in the next section. Also read: 7+ reviews of good website examples + checklist 5+ reasons why you need to have an indonesian domain here are the reasons why you need to have an indonesian domain. 1. More trusted if you don’t know, the use of this indonesian domain has special requirements. Some domain Mobile Lead extensions such as,,, and require additional documents such as ktp/passport, brand certificate, akta/npwp/siup/tdp and the like. That’s why websites with indonesian domain extensions are definitely not fake and not deceptive.

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