Video Marketing Trends for 2022

This video marketing trend began to take shape in 2020 thanks to TikTok, and two years later, all video platforms have updated to give more importance to short videos. In addition to TikTok and Instagram Reels , we now also have YouTube Shorts, a vertical video format limited to 60 seconds in length. The trend is very clear: short-form videos delivered the second highest ROI for B2C marketers in 2021 and are the area marketers plan to spend the most on in 2022. Furthermore, 32% of them will use this format in your marketing for the first time. Short videos are triumphing due to their great effectiveness in overcoming the barrier of advertising saturation and effectively transmitting the brand’s message.

Videos with short form

Most users close a video after just 20 seconds, so we have very little time to grab their attention. Faced with this situation, some brands are opting to take this trend even further with ultra-short videos, such as Hefty’s six-second ads. 2) Affordable videos Bosnia and Herzegovina Whatsapp Number List Shoppable videos shorten the customer journey by giving them the opportunity to purchase products directly in the video via a pop-up button. This button takes the user to a landing page where they can complete the purchase process. It is a format similar to that of the shoppable posts on social networks , which have been a trend for years.

One-on-one personalized videos

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Shoppable videos are very effective at increasing click through and conversion rates as they create a clear path to purchase and reduce friction. If the user is ready to buy, we make it very easy for them. A great example of this video marketing trend is fashion Mobile Lead brand Benetton, which used a shoppable video from one of its shows to drive audiences straight from the runway to its product pages. Viewers could click on the models to view individual garments or hit the “Buy Video” button to view the entire collection. 3) One-on-one personalized videos Content personalization is not a novelty in marketing, but until now it had hardly reached videos.

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