We welcomed the month of september with a personal development and leadership club on memory as a competitive difference. José maría bea, a highly competitive memorizer who has the recognition as ‘grand master of memory’, presented us with the techniques with which to expand our ability to memorize. José maría began by mentioning references in memorization such as harry loraine, tony buzan or alberto coto, as well as different anecdotes with which he sowed astonishment among the participants before getting into the subject.

From the beginning

José maría revealed the relationship between memory and creativity. And memorization techniques are not understood without it. And to Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data memorize you have to create relationships and stories that generate memory. Boosting memory is not an easy task, it requires work, training and, as we said, creativity. But with all these elements you can improve numerical, semantic, face and name memory, etc. Ultimately, the limits, as josé maría knows well, are set by oneself.

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Throughout the session

The speaker alternated theory with practical examples in which he encouraged the participation of attendees. When question time arrived, some attendees Japan WhatsApp Number List wondered about the effectiveness of listening to recordings at bedtime or the reason why our memory fails us at the times we need it most. However, If you were not able to connect. You can see these and other questions that josé maría bea answers in the interview we did with him.


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