Branding is inevitable This is how olga llopis, managing partner of the branding agency comuniza , began speaking to us at the first innova&action live about brand experience. A statement with which the expert sought to convey to us the importance and presence of branding in everything we do inside and outside of our business. Olga, at the beginning of her speech, was telling us that branding is not reduced to the logo and typography of a brand. The visual identity of a brand covers all types of aspects, up to creating a brand’s own language. As is the case of large companies that have become recognizable by their audience, beyond their logo.

A clear example of this is the swedish company

Ikea, whose products are easily recognizable by their aesthetics, their format, and even the way they are assemble. Through several examples of brands, we were able to see how the visual system facilitates the identification of the brand in the market and provides a series Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data of competitive advantages that help us position ourselves and differentiate ourselves from the rest, such as: relevant to the audience: customers can more easily remember the brand, helping in the decision-making phase. For the entire organization: consistency is guarante regardless of the teams working on the brand. Recognizable language: allows the brand to be identified in environments.

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Where the logo does not occupy

A leading place. Optimizes times: noticeable improvement in execution times thanks to the predefined elements in the brand manual. Looking to the Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List future: it responds to unforeseeable horizons thanks to the extension capacity of the brand language. Adaptable: the visual system adapts to different contexts. Small or large format. Digital or printed. Gone are some thoughts in which companies believed they knew. What the user needed, or that the quality of the product was the determining factor. Since the product has ceased to be the determining element.


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